America is a very unhealthy nation. 75% of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Since the pandemic, an estimated 42% of Americans gained weight. On the average 29 pounds. There are obvious significant health issues with being too heavy, cardiac disease ( already the number one killer of both men and women), and diabetes being the biggest two. People have been told to stay inside but now realize that in itself in unhealthy and have started to look for activities to become normal again 


Using a combination of fun-filled exercise both on land and on water, people, including entire families can get outside and start burning calories and become healthy again.

Dr Surfer Dude’s Surf and Turf is a complete return to wellness program that provides a comprehensive approach to great health 

Company and Management Overview 

Our Company, Dr Surfer Dude’s Surf and Turf was founded in 2007 by Lance Maki MD and Kristine Maki WHNP. Dr Maki is a board certified OBGYN but is especially well versed in anti-aging and functional medicine. He was an Air Force flight surgeon, Aerospace Physiologist,

Instructor Pilot and currently an FAA aeromedical examiner and wellness expert. His wife of 53 years Kristine is a women’s health nurse practitioner and specializes in Women’s wellness 

Product Summary 

Dr Surfer Dudes offers a disciplined approach to wellness by using beachside and other outdoor arenas with trained instructors with regularly scheduled group workouts. They also offer various workouts on stand up paddle boards in 

nearby rivers and the ocean itself lending to a beautiful natural setting on the path toward optimal health 

Customer Summary 

Our target market is adults 18-65 throughout the US ( and beyond) that have access to any body of water that our looking to become healthy again. In our home base of Brevard County Florida there are 601,842 people

58% of which are in our target age group