We offer a variety of water activities

  • Basic SUP riding skills taught by The Dr. Surfer Dude staff. ***
  • SUPFIT Moving our skill set from the land to the water. Various levels of balance and

Strength classes on stable standup boards on the river. We always do classes on calm

Waterways in beautiful settings. Taught by Lance and staff ***

  • Advanced classes to teach those people who want the thrill of riding waves on standup boards. After one master the elements of calmer waters, many people want the challenge to SUP in the ocean.. Dr.Surfer Dude staff can get you there***



Unlike so many “exercise”, “fitness” or other programs.. using a standup board is a lot more fun. The beauty of being outside while tuning up your body doesn’t seem like as much work. 

It’s something that almost anyone can do with proper instruction and being outside having fun

With others breathing fresh air is exhilarating. 


80 % of all Americans are either overweight or obese. Since COVID arrived, about 42% of people gained on average 29 pounds. If you look at the liquor aisles in the supermarkets there are  many more than there were 2 years ago. People are drinking and eating excessively in response to stress. Fortunately there are others things to do that are better options.. Two times more people are working out than a year ago. Isn’t it time to get on board.. on a standup board?