Who we are

Lance Maki

Is a Medical Doctor. He is board certified in ObGyn and still delivers babies for the Cleveland Clinic as a hospitalist. He is a senior Aeromedical Examiner for the FAA and does pilot physicals for airline pilots as well as private aviators. He is a former Air Force instructor pilot, flight surgeon  and aerospace physiologist. He has been trained and is recognized by the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine He and his wife Kris started Maki MD Restoration Medicine in focuses on Preventative and Regenerative Medicine. He has been an avid surfer since 1961 and has been SUPing since Kris told him he needed to get on one in 2006. He teaches all phases of SUP surf and turf.

Christopher DeMont

Has trained to SUP for the last 5 years and Is a retired United States Coast Guard Reservist. He graduated from Indiana University in 2009 receiving a Finance Degree. He currently works as an Accountant. He loves teaching, adventure, and the water.

Deborah Miller

Is a former Air Force pilot, and recent SUPer. She teaches both land and river SUPfit classes.